Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I survived! 

Halloween was fun! I didn't had much time for some elaborate costume, so I went as gothic teacher (O.o). I borrowed my dad's reading glasses... (Reading?! The man is blind as a bat!!!). 

(I STOLE these pictures from BodyBag!!!)

It was Redhead, Vila, BodyBag, her brother (The YAKUZA!  XD) and me... Our destination: Halloween concert of Pero Defformero at Dom Mladih. Blood alcohol content: HIGH! 

My theme song for the night ( XD ):

Yeah...we had fun!


  1. fine fotke! samo što si mogla nabacit neki corpse paint :D

    i pero defformero = ciganluk veći :S (it's my opinion)

  2. Gdje zbaviti C.P? Ako znas...podjeli info :D
    Ma kad je dernek nek i hala gori...tako kaze stara narodna XD

  3. e ne znam vala, ali neki home-made, ja konto nešto zbrljavit za fotošuting :D

  4. dude, I envy u -.-
    I was sitting at home all night cause I fucked up my stomach...>.<
    I hate it I'll buy another one on the black market....:3 probably stolen..
    I prepared my costume, end everything, fucking little party crasher!

  5. @Enola Gay - :( That's a bummer! ARGH! @%&$#@