Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest...

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

  • PIRATE - a criminal who plunders at sea; commonly attacking merchant vessels, though often pillaging port towns.
  • CORSAIR - a more romantic term for pirate; French pirate
  • PIRACY - (nautical) robbery at sea, a violation of international law; taking a ship away from the control of those who are legally entitled to it.

Jolly Roger
The Jolly Roger is any of various flags flown to identify a ship's crew as pirates. The flag most usually identified as the Jolly Roger today is the skull and crossbones, a flag consisting of a human skull above two long bones set in an x-mark arrangement on a black field.
 Historically, the flag was flown to frighten pirates' victims into surrendering without a fight (with the implication that those who surrendered would be treated well). A red flag indicated "no quarter" (surrender will not be accepted).

Yo ho, yo ho, the pirate life,
The flag o' skull and bones,
A merry hour, a hempen rope,
And hey for Davy Jones.
(J. M. Barrie)

...and for the end of this post,
an old dilemma...


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  2. Love the Pirate Muncher illustration. Brilliant!

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