Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wherever we may roam pt. 2

Just some random nature photos taken during our little road trip. It was fun. I really enjoyed in every minute of it. Also I almost drown. Yeah...that's what you get when you combine poor swimming capabilities and laughter in the middle of the lake. 

Destinations: Boračko Lake, Jablaničko Lake, Ostrožac (we had to eat the famous lepina with cream cheese - lepinja sa kajmakom).The trip was short. We had to work with limited budget.

This road trip also reminded me how beautiful Bosnian nature is and how irresponsible we are toward it. Dumping garbage into our rivers, lakes and forests is apparently no problem for us. Such a shame! We should know better.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wherever we may roam

Road trip. Tomorrow. Too excited. Can't sleep. Can't wait!
Where to? We don't know. Wherever the road takes us.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Divine. Descerate. Complete.


I kiss the untouched heavenly carcass
As sacramental dying becomes art
Saintly pains send chills down my spine
As I penetrate the very womb of life
A venomous moon is gazing
Through my hollow soul

Forcing me to bleed
As many times before

Again I bleed... with desire

And its' savage breath reaches angel skin...

...Whispers in the shape of lust
Echoes in the veins of night

As a haze of bleeding lurking souls
Among deflowered angels cries...

...I stare into the hollow where the dust of time still moan
Upon a bleeding paradise, where angels no more roam...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Some deny that Prometheus created men, or that any man sprang from a serpent's teeth. They say that Earth bore them spontaneously, as the best of her fruits, especially in the soil of Attica, and that Alalcomeneus was the first man to appear, by Lake Copais in Boeotia, before even the Moon was. He acted as Zeus's counsellor on the occasion of his quarrel with Hera, and as tutor to Athene while she was still a girl.

These men were the so—called golden race, subjects of Cronus, who lived without cares or labour, eating only acorns, wild fruit, and honey that dripped from the trees, drinking the milk of sheep and goats, never growing old, dancing, and laughing much; death, to them, was no more terrible thansleep. They are all gone now, but their spirits survive as genii of happy rustic retreats, givers of good fortune, and upholders of justice.

Next came a silver race, eaters of bread, likewise divinely created. The men were utterly subject to their mothers and dared not disobey them, although they might live to be a hundred years old. They were quarrelsome and ignorant, and never sacrificed to the gods but, at least, did not make war on one another. Zeus destroyed them all.

Next came a brazen race, who fell like fruits from the ash—trees, and were armed with brazen weapons. They ate flesh as well as bread, and delighted in war, being insolent and pitiless men. Black Death has seized them all.

The fourth race of men was brazen too, but nobler and more generous, being begotten by the gods on mortal mothers. They fought gloriously in the siege of Thebes, the expedition of the Argonauts, and the Trojan War. These became heroes, and dwell in the Elysian Fields.

The fifth race is the present race of iron, unworthy descendants of the fourth. They are degenerate, cruel, unjust, malicious, libidinous, unfilial, treacherous. 

(Taken from The Greek Myths by Robert Graves. See also Works and Days by Hesiod)

Hésiode et la Muse (Gustave Moreau)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Carnival is forever

Lady Isis is happy to announce another great event!

13. 09. 2011.
Sloga (Cinemas)
Death Metal from Poland

Ticket: 20 KM 


All thanks for the organization of this concert goes to SARAJEVO METAL FEST PROMOTIONS i BHxHC BOOKING. Thank you guys for your hard work! You are the best! thing I know for sure
If I'd free myself from the world
The world wouldn't mind at all

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Something to look forward to

The Lady ParaNorma
 Estranged from the rest of the townsfolk, an eccentric lady is haunted by ghostly whispers that grow louder with each passing day. Obsessed with a need to know why they beckon her, she follows their eerie call to an unusual happily ever after. Written and directed by award-winning illustrator and director Vincent Marcone (My Pet Skeleton, The Facts In the Case of Mister Hollow) and narrated by pop icon Peter Murphy (Bauhaus, Twilight: Eclipse), THE LADY PARANORMA pioneers a new technique in digital animation to deliver a rare visual poem dedicated to the weird inside all of us.
European premiere:
"The Lady ParaNorma" has been selected for the International Animation Short Marathon of Milano Film Festival 2011. It will take place from September 9th to 18th in Italy.

Just can't wait to see this. It's wonderful and creepy. Just the way I like it.

Paranormamusicclip by mypetskeleton

Introducing the soundscape in "The Lady ParaNorma". Vocals by Peter Murphy. Music by Johnny Hollow.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Melodies of chilling beauty...

Opeth never ceases to amaze me.

        The new album called Heritage is coming out in September 2011. It is said that it will be something completely different from the previous albums and that (like Damnation) will have clean vocals only. Truth to be told I can hardly wait for this album to come out. Why? Did you listen the song? It's BEAUTIFUL on so many levels. Also, Opeth never fails! Their songs (music & lyrics) are...almost...too good to be true (?!)... 

        I'm not much of a music critic, but I know that I will enjoy listening to this album. I have a feeling that it is the beginning of something new...something great. 

It will be our 10th album/observation. I dig it; we all do. In fact, it feels like I've been building up to write for and participate on an album like this since I was 19. It's quite intense at times in some 'old' murky way, and quite beautiful and stark at times, if I may say so myself. It's obvious I'm going to say nice things about it since I wrote, basically, the whole piece, but I guess it will raise a few eyebrows and it certainly is an acquired taste. I think you'll need a slightly deeper understanding of our music as a whole to be able to appreciate this record. I've realized my influences for this album are so diverse that I can't really say what it sounds like. If I can compare it to any other band, it would have to be Opeth, but it's different from the stuff we've done before. I've listened a lot to Alice Cooper for the last year, yet I can't say it sounds like No More Mr. Nice Guy. I hope you'll like it once you hear it.
(Mikael Åkerfeldt) 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm back...

...jobless (wow, something new happen), still didn't graduate and still not feeling good in the head! Same old Isis.

Well, it's time to get this blog going again.