Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Path To Oblivion" PROMO

Silent Kingdom is preparing the release party of their upcoming album "Path To Oblivion" which will be held at the AG Club in Sarajevo on December the 3rd. It's been 2 years since their last concert. Really looking forward to this one.


01. Under your might (instrumental)
02. From dust
03. Above the bed of stones
04. Drown them back to sleep
05. Path to oblivion
06. Straight into sun
07. Old ones (instrumental)
08. All hails to our soil
09. The world beyond
10. What lies below
11. The knell (instrumental)

They also have some really cool guests on this album.
Morean (Dark Fortress, Noneuclid) -
vocals on "Drown them back to sleep"

Petr Blackie Hosek
(great guitarist and founder of kult Czech BM legends ROOT) -
written and recorded instrumental track "The Knell"

Pavel Jeřábek (fast as hell guitarist of Czech progressive metal band Edain) -solo on "Drown them back to sleep"

Emir Saracevic - back vocals on "Path To Oblivion"

SILENT KINGDOM - Path to Oblivion by Zero Budget Productions