Wednesday, February 15, 2012

me no sleep me no sane

I've been rewarded & tagged! Bwhahahahahahaha!

This came from one of my favorite bloggers. She owns My Perfect Lounge blog. It is an excellent blog that is worth following! Do check it out!

The conditions of this award are as following: 
  1. Write 7 (seven) things about yourself
  2. Award & Tag 15 (fifteen) blogs of your choice

So, lets begin! 

1. Coffee addict. My day has to begin and end with a cup of coffee (with lot of  "small" cups of coffee in zee middle)

2. Chain smoker. Oh, I love tobacco!

3. Bookworm. Books beware!!!

4. Clumsy. For me the floor is always "deceptively flat".

5. A bit childish. I don't think I ever did or will completely grow up.

6. Dance. I love to dance and I love to watch other people (dance groups) dancing.


7. Geek Alert! Star Wars, Star Track, Alien, Predator, (World of) Warcraft, Diablo, Fallout, Legacy of Kain, Heroes of might and magic, Disciples, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter, Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms (pen and paper), White Wolf, Drow (Ilharessen zhaunil alurl)...


  1. O, hvala ti draga, sutra ću i ja napisati post... Baš mi je drago da si i mene odabrala, posebno što sam relativno nova ovdje. Ovo mi je prva blog nagradica. :D :*

  2. Našla sam na tumblru neki blogić teenager posts ili slično... anyway, ja se prepoznajem u 90% toga... Znači li to da sam djetinjasta? :))))

    1. :D Malo. No, nema nista da te brine! Ima nas masa! XD