Monday, August 27, 2012

No life till LEATHER

 - Casting -
Trasa Meeting Point
26. 08. 2012.

Just a couple of quickly taken photos of preparation before casting . Unfortunately I couldn't be there for the entire time because I had to go to work. Just my luck.
More info about the casting and everything else you can find on WearWolf Blog or Facebook Page.
And yes, I will whore this one out. Why? Because I love leather and this stuff is AMAZING!

Zee Designer...
Zee photographer... 


  1. Joj kako izgled zanimljivo!Još, još...

    1. Ima jos slika na WearWolf blogu, a bice ih jos. U nedjelju je casting br. 2. :D

  2. Wonderful space!!! I hope I could work in a place like this one!!! xxx